Monday, January 5, 2009

An introduction

I consider myself a ponderous individual. Lately this overall sense of… purpose has enveloped me. It’s rare that I can tear my mind away from it. In this, the first post, my goal is to expand a little on the mission of this blog…or in actuality my perceived purpose in life.

I want to stat a few items I feel are important before I dig into the meat of the purpose and this is going to be a little lengthy, no may to avoid it I’m afraid. So please stay the course and read this in its entirety. I ask you this because it is possible you will provide the one piece that pulls the whole puzzle together. You wouldn’t want to miss that, would you? Maybe that is your purpose.

I want to clarify I hope to discuss my ponderings and receive input on actual fact based events. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this subject some theoretical topics will undoubtedly appear. These will be based in fact, as best they can be obtained. I’ll define this more as we progress.

Let’s start with the description of the blog to get a basic understanding. I’ll repost it here, because as I start to obtain clarity on my goal the description is certain to change. The blog’s intro:

This blog was created because the civilization of Earth has lost something. I hear or read of current events or past history and sometimes I know more is there, just beneath the surface. When I feel like I’m close to grasping it, it’s gone. I have the impression that a message or warning has been left in the footprints of ancient and/or faded civilizations. I will hold to the belief that I am not alone and continue posting until others across the globe join me.

After reading that, do you get the feeling I’m confused? I am. I have huge jumbled of thoughts and theories that are bouncing around with no outlet to clarity. I read this about some lost civilization and later hear something on the news or read something else about another civilization. Each stirring some idea or thought that while separate do not mean a lot, but together may be a huge piece to the overall puzzle. That is the best I can describe it, for now. I am an analytical and a visual type and as such I need to organize my thoughts and record them. If I can also receive feedback from several outside observers then this will only add to the clarity.

After years of feeling like I am on the cusp of grasping some elusive notion or grand design, but never quit putting it all together, I began recording these on a simple spread sheet. My thoughts are that this will help me with my visual. Maybe this small step will help me start piecing it together. I’m hoping I can get some help with this. If you’ve read this much then you may be willing to lend a hand. If you happen to read about some historical fact, recent archeological find, or something that strikes you as important. Look at a multitude of sources over a very broad array of topics. Look for commonalities in the myths and histories of ancient civilizations (Maya, Hopi, Clovis, Egyptian, Sumerian, Ect.). Send me the info, be it in a magazine or on-line (I’d like some form of reference for citation). I will eventually add the spread sheet to this site, but it’s not organized concise enough that any one else could understand it yet. But it will. Look at a multitude of sources over a very broad array of topics.

That explanation is still not up to par, but I’ll work on it.

I will post as often as I can probably a few times a week. But feel free to leave comments, I respond to them. Try to contribute, I don’t care how bad my grammar is, so don’t tell me. I hope you’ll remain here and take this journey with me. We may arrive at some conclusions, we may not, but I am going to attempt to piece this together. I’ll be taking a look at the brief history of Earth and speculating on the possibility of past events that may have some significant to Earths present and future occupants. What will this lead to? What am I hoping to discover? I can answer those questions yet. But I am hoping to approach this with a broad mind and not limit this search in any way.

Can we indeed predict future destructions or events based on past evidence? I think so. And I believe the ancients believed this as well. I believe they left us clues, we just have to decipher them. Something has to be there. But what is it?